About Cathlyn Choi

A seasoned entrepreneur and marketing specialist, Cathlyn Choi has over 25 years of business development and digital media marketing background as an executive for technology and consumer electronics startup companies in North America and Asia.

Cathlyn is the Founder and CEO of Asian Culture and Media Alliance (ACMA) whose mission is to unite, empower and promote the Asian and Pacific Islander community through the power of media.

In addition to being an accomplished TV personality as a show host and producer, Cathlyn has over 20 years of experience in international marketing and business development and has established successful and close business relationships with hundreds of client companies worldwide. She is also a licensed life and health agent and currently focuses on helping and educating women and youth about finances.

In March 2000, Cathlyn established CNA Wireless, providing consulting services for US based companies seeking to create alliances with the Asian technology startups.  From 2002-2005, Cathlyn successfully hosted 3 annual international wireless symposiums with over 500 wireless technology companies participating from 20 countries.

Prior to moving to the US in 2000, Cathlyn founded and managed an international consulting firm called CSIS Inc. in Seoul, Korea. At CSIS, she dedicated 7 years of her professional career, managing 300 professionals, with over 500 local and foreign clients throughout Korea and Asia, mainly in the telecommunications, advertising, movie and sports industries.

Cathlyn graduated with a B.A. degree in Russian, from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, in Seoul, Korea, and has lived in Vietnam, Brunei, Korea and the United States.